"We needed technical guidance and support and thanks to the team at Three Rock we now have streamlined processes and can manage the project with ease."

Steve Sherlock: Managing Director 'Oodles' car hire comparison web site

Today's Tech News

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Microsoft Inks UC Deal With Polycom
Under a multi-year agreement unveiled Monday, Polycom will begin shipping...
IT Earnings Way Up at Job Site Elance
Google App Engine, HTML5, search engine optimization and social media...
Google, Verizon Posit Net Neutrality Accord
The two Internet and communications giants have put aside their...
Tech Stocks Gain Despite HP's Plunge
HP investors had a bad day, but the rest of...
New Federal Data Breach Bill Debuts in Senate
The new bill is getting early support from prominent Democrats...
Three Rock Services

Technology Support And Maintenance

If your orgainsation has between 5 and 50 computers with one or more servers keeping your business running, talk to us about how we can help keep the show running smoothly. We offer a comprehensive support and maintenance plan covering items such as backups, wired and wireless network configuration, anti virus checking, firewall setup, on and off-site system monitoring.

I.T. Project Management

Planning, staffing, documenting, coding, testing, and end-user training. We have expertise in a range of development methodologies and pride ourselves on being able to pick the best elements to get your project over the line on time and budget.

Data Management Solutions

In these days of cheap and plentiful data storage systems in all their various forms, it's easy to get bogged up in the complexities of possible solutions. Talk to Three Rock about your requirements and let us put in place a data management plan that will see you well into the future. Data-proof your organisation today!

Software Development

A key strength to successful business outcomes is the efficiency of staff. A key to your staff efficiency is to provide them with the tools they need to get their daily tasks done. A wonderful expression we use at Three Rock is 'To a man with a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail'. At Three Rock, we build software to ensure your staff only have to deal with the business of getting their work done in a fast and efficient manner.

Systems Integration

Getting the inventory system to talk to the order processing system and then the accounting system can seem like lots of hard work. Fortunately, much of the work Three Rock has been commissioned to perform over the last few years has involved getting system A to talk to System B. We have developed some custom tools and used interesting middleware.

Internet and e-Commerce Solutions

Building solutions that use the web can help in providing global customer and staff satisfaction. We have built shipment management systems for brewers and SMS integrated websites for an advertising company. We can also build pretty websites, but it's much more fun when we can get them to do something useful.