"Three Rock has consulted for me in three organisations to date and has worked on many varied projects. I have found Peter Mac and his team's expertise and honesty to be refreshing in this industry."

Peter Laws, ex CIO William Angliss TAFE College and IT Manager Department of Human Services

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Microsoft Inks UC Deal With Polycom
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Google, Verizon Posit Net Neutrality Accord
The two Internet and communications giants have put aside their...
Tech Stocks Gain Despite HP's Plunge
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New Federal Data Breach Bill Debuts in Senate
The new bill is getting early support from prominent Democrats...
Solutions - Web Content Management

If you're not in the know, you could be forgiven for thinking that your company or organisation's website is a static beast unless you employ a web developer to update it frequently.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Content Management Systems (CMS).

In the dark old days of web development, you could find web gurus hacking away at pages of ugly looking mark-up language called HTML. These days, if you're provided with the appropriate CMS and you can type, your website can be as up to date as you like.

There's a bundle of content management systems on the market. Here at Three Rock, we prefer the open source solutions as there are no license fees and a very active development community.

Open source Content Management Systems we've worked with include Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Each has its' particular set of features making them suitable solutions for different types of business and organisations.

At Three Rock, we have the skills to provide you with an easy to maintain website using the latest in CMS tools. Using these tools makes the process so easy it's reflected in the cost. Give us a call today and find out how cost-effective we are.