"We needed technical guidance and support and thanks to the team at Three Rock we now have streamlined processes and can manage the project with ease."

Steve Sherlock: Managing Director 'Oodles' car hire comparison web site

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Microsoft Inks UC Deal With Polycom
Under a multi-year agreement unveiled Monday, Polycom will begin shipping...
IT Earnings Way Up at Job Site Elance
Google App Engine, HTML5, search engine optimization and social media...
Google, Verizon Posit Net Neutrality Accord
The two Internet and communications giants have put aside their...
Tech Stocks Gain Despite HP's Plunge
HP investors had a bad day, but the rest of...
New Federal Data Breach Bill Debuts in Senate
The new bill is getting early support from prominent Democrats...
Three Rock - Some commonly asked questions
What development tools do you use?

Very often, this depends on our deployment platform and/or our client's environment. If we can, we'll look at open source tools and deployment options first with web or java front-ends and MySQL/Postgres databases, otherwise we'll go down the proprietary road.

From a developers's perspective, most of the time we like to use open source tools Eclipse and all the amazing plugins for our Java development effort.Otherwise, we'll use the Microsoft development suite Visual Studio.

 Some of the languages we develop in  include PHP, ASP, c#, VB, Ruby

More recently some of our developers have been using Aptana for Ruby on Rails development, it's a personal choice however.

So you build websites..how much will mine cost?
This all depends on the complexity of the website. There's a great deal to consider first. What do you want out of your website? If it's a couple of static pages to let the world know your business exists, we can get you up and running for less thant $2000 AUD. If you're looking for a CMS supported site including look and feel (graphic design) a budget of $4000 is advisable. Anything other than that, please give us a call.
Ireland/Australia, where and when?
Three Rock Ltd. was founded in Ireland in 1995 but the Irish entity was disbanded when Peter Mac moved to Australia in April 1999. Since then Three Rock has been a trading name used in Australia.
What's with the Three Rock Name
The Three Rock company name has it's origins in Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland. This is where the founder Peter Mac grew up and spent many years cycling up, around and down the Three Rock Mountain.